Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Contact from Deceased Loved Ones

A ghost hunting peer posted on Facebook the other day questioning why a deceased loved one hadn’t gotten in contact after their death. They said that because they knew ghosts existed, it seemed strange that their family member hadn’t tried to reach out to them.

I do believe in ghosts, but I tend to think that the ghosts we encounter are usually there for a reason. They try to reach out because they have something they want to fix, or show someone. If a person doesn’t have any unfinished business, it makes sense to me that they would want to stay on the other side.

Sure, it would be nice if we could all get one last visit or message from the people we care about, but life doesn’t always work out that way. There are plenty of stories about people getting last phone calls or eerie messages from people, but sometimes we have to just accept the time we are given with people when they are alive.

Have any of you gotten a sign or message from a deceased friend or family member?

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