Monday, April 15, 2013

Native American Spirits

I live in an area that was once inhabited by several Native American tribes. There are still burial mounds in many areas and remnants of the people who lived here are pretty easy to find. When I go on a ghost hunt, it isn’t uncommon for people to believe that their properties are being haunted by the ghosts of these people.

In some ways it makes sense. The building of our homes and businesses has ruined a lot of land and disturbed areas that were once sacred to these groups. Burial grounds are sometimes unearthed in construction as well, so it’s not hard to believe that they could be upset with us for disturbing their land.

But in the years I’ve been ghost hunting, I’ve only run into one instance where I thought a spirit might be Native American (we caught an EVP in a language none of us recognized.)  It makes me wonder why I haven’t run into more spirits like this. Maybe they just don’t care enough about us to bother haunted us, or I’ve just be looking in the wrong places.

Do you think there are Native American ghosts still hanging around?

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  1. Alyson: "Isn't uncommon" is a double negative. I stumbled over that trying to figure out "Is she saying it's common? Or is she saying that it's uncommon? Because "is NOT uncommon" means common, right? You made my head explode!!!!