Friday, January 21, 2011

Creature Feature: The Beast of Balbirnie

Several years ago people in Scotland claimed to see large cats wandering about. One of the sightings in Fife, Scotland got some extra media attention when a series of large paw prints was discovered in the woods. The cats are thought to be some sort of black leopard, a lynx or a puma. It’s believed the cats may have been pets that were released into the wild. They are thought to be mostly solitary, avoiding the attention of humans unless threatened.

After the print was discovered, one family came forward and claimed that the print belonged to their St. Bernard. There’s a discussion and article about it here. Others have said that the print matches other feline prints and is not an accurate canine print.

Even if the print belongs to a dog, it doesn’t explain the numerous large cat sightings in the area. Many credible witnesses have come forward and claimed to have seen them in the area.

So what do you think? Do you the The Beast of Balbirnie is a big cat? A misidentified dog? Some sort of other animal?


  1. there are apparently quite a few of these big cats in the UK - I wrote a piece on the Beast of Bodmin back in the day

  2. The alien big cat thing is pretty interesting, I will have to check out your post on the Beast of Bodmin. :)

  3. Hi there is footage of it on YouTube crossing a railway track, it resembles a large black cat or puma. It also received coverage in the papers and on TV over here.

  4. Hi Ryan, I'll have to see if I can find you Youtube video. Thanks!

  5. Just seen one there no joke in east wemyss