Friday, January 7, 2011

Creature Feature: The Yeti

The Yeti, often referred to as the Abominable Snow man, is pretty much a household name. Movies, TV shows and books love to use this sometimes scary (and occasionally lovable) guy in their stories. And why not? He is pretty cute. With a coat of long white fur and facial features that are a cross between a bear and a monkey, it’s easy to see why he is so popular.

But the Yeti is based in real mythology. The people of the Himalayas have been talking about him for generations. And the Yeti is one mythological creature that actually sounds pretty plausible. There are so few people living in the Yeti’s territory that it’s possible that he could exists for years without a single human laying an eye on him. He’s also thought to be shy and reclusive, making the potential existence even more believable. There’s also been several well known cases of Yeti footprints discovered throughout the Himalayas, giving hope to all the Yeti enthusiasts out there.

Even with all the talk about them, there are still plenty of people that believe that the Yeti is nothing more than a misidentified bear. There are bears living in the area that are similar in size and stature, so it’s easy to see how one could be identified. Plus, mythology is not the most reliable sources of information. Stories can be passed down for generations and change every time the story is told. Maybe the creature the native people claim to see is just the product of story telling and confusion.

We may never really know for sure if the Yeti is really out there (unless someone brings back a live one) but that isn’t going to stop anyone from enjoying the tale of the Yeti.

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  1. How many of them are supposed to be in the planet?