Friday, January 14, 2011

Creature Feature: The Queensland Tiger

The Queensland Tiger is found only in Australia. It has characteristics similar to a tiger, a dog, and a marsupial. It’s thought to be a descendent of Thylacolea, an extinct marsupial or to be some sort of large feral cat. Its coloring is believed to be grey or gold and its size is similar to that of a dog. Some people have also theorized that it’s related to the Tasmanian Tiger.

Most of the sightings were during the early 1900s, although they continue to occur on occasion. They are said to be living in remote areas of Queensland, though there is little evidence of their survival.

If a Queensland Tiger was found to be living in the area, it could give more reason to protect the Queensland rainforest from developers. Developers have reportedly attempted to poison small populations of the Queensland Tiger in an attempt to prevent them from being discovered. While they may no longer exist, that isn’t going to stop people for looking for them.

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