Friday, April 1, 2011

Creature Feature: Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is the stage name for Carlos Irwin Estevez, a creature originally found in New York but that has migrated to California. Sightings of Charlie Sheen have occurred on TV and movie sets, seedy hotels, and brothels. This guy is mostly known for his roles as an actor but has lately become infamous for his erratic (and possibly drug induced) behavior.

Charlie Sheen has several calls including the phrase ‘winning’ and ‘tiger’s blood’ which may be used to attract a mate or potential advertisers. He is often found surrounded by both paparazzi and porn stars which makes him easy to track. Charlie recently enjoyed some extra attention in the media when he set a record for the most Twitter followers in the shortest amount of time. Obviously this is a creature who doesn’t mind being found so don’t expect him to be hiding in the woods any time soon. If you see this creature you may want to alert the authorities or get an autograph.

Ok, Charlie Sheen really isn’t a paranormal creature (I hope.) Happy April’s Fools Day everybody!  And thanks to Jennifer who supplied the idea for this post. J


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  2. He has also said weird stuff about him being a warlock and having something about fire in his fists, I think. Maybe he just WANTS to be a paranormal creature. LOL You inspire him.

    One thing: You have porn "starts" instead of porn stars. Love this, though!

    **Sorry about deleted comment, I messed up!**

  3. LOL. Great idea. Hey Alyson, check out this news article about a poltergeist.

    The video shows a poltergeist moving a chair across the floor.

  4. Jennifer, there's so much weird stuff about him out there that it's hard to narrow it down! Thanks for pointing out the typo, I try to proof read everything on the blog but I still end up missing stuff! And thanks again for the idea, it was fun writing it!

    Michael, thanks for the link. The video is pretty interesting. It seems a little staged to me but I may include it with the news round up next week to see what everyone else thinks! The article itslef was fun to read.

  5. Since you are what I deem to be a "professional" in this "field", I want to ask...what red flags do you see in the video to make you believe it may have been staged?

  6. Awesome post! Charlie Sheen is definitely not of this world...

  7. Michael, the first thing that made me question it was that everything that happens occurs in the center of the shot, as if it's been set up. Occasionally something weird does occur that way but two things at the same time in the middle of a shot are unlikely. Another flag is that both objects move in one direction. It tells me that this could have been done with some string or fishing wire. Also, you can't seen the bottom of the chair so it would be easy to have someone just shove it. Of course, I don't know this family and sometimes objects do move on their own (i've seen them) so it's possible it's real. I tend to be pretty skeptical of poltergeist videos though because there are so many fakes out there. I've been meaning to do a post on spotting fake videos. I may do that in the next couple weeks and elaborate on some things to look for.

    Carrie, Thanks! :)

  8. Superb loved it, I feel sorry for his dad.