Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weekly News Round-up 4/6/11

AOL News posted an article explaining that a recent string of UFO sighting in Chicago were actually caused by the release of some Chinese lanterns. It's a good reminder to not jump to conclusions! has an article about a recent incident where worms fell from the sky on to the heads of unsuspecting students. You can read about it here.

Part April Fool's day joke, part educational mascot, a 'monster' was created by United Utilities. News and Stars posted the article here.


  1. Chinese lanterns are so cool. I've never played around with one, but ever since I saw one used in the Science Channel's "Wonders of the Universe" I thought to myself that someday, I'm gonna use one.

  2. The school that was rained on by worms is only 40 miles from me, they said it was due to freak weather but didn't really explain what this was. I'm just glad I didn't get wormed upon.

  3. Michael, I think they are pretty cool too. You should totally go out and get one! It could make a fun science(ish) project.

    Ryan, I think it's weird that scientists aren't more concerned with understanding this. This isn't the first times it has happened and will probably occur again. I just hope it doesn't happen near me.