Friday, June 10, 2011

Creature Feature: The Loveland Frog

Today I’m featuring another Ohio monster, the Loveland Frog.

The Loveland Frog is a cryptid spotted around the Ohio River. It’s described as approximately 4 feet tall with green, leathery skin and a face that resembles a frog or lizard. It is hairless, walks upright, and is thought to give off an unusual odor. The first sighting was in Loveland, Ohio and the man who saw it claims there were three of them and that one of them was holding something that gave off sparks.

While the first sighting was in 1955 there have been additional sighting since then. In 1972 two police officers claimed to see a lizard-like creature in the area. However, there was no official report given by the officers and there was quite a bit of debate over what they actually saw. Eventually one of the officers came forward to state that what they saw was not paranormal in nature but probably an escaped pet.

There are Native American legends in the area about a similar creature, referred to by the Shawnee people as Shawnahooc, which means demon of the river.

We may never know what the man in 1955 saw but it does make for a good story!


  1. I've seen these around Utah in some of the Wal-Marts only here we refer to them as people. You can tell because of said "odor" that you are referring to.

  2. Forgive my ignorance of the geography of the area but are there any nuclear or chemical facilities situated near the Ohio River that may have mutated the rivers amphibians? Just a theory.

  3. Strange it isn't one of those sightings starting hundreds of years ago and dying out as science advances. Maybe Ryan has a good theory there...

    It is possible it just resembles a Native American folklore story without being one.

  4. Ha Michael, I think I've seen a few at my Walmart as well!

    Ryan, I don't know of any nuclear plants in the area but there is a TNT plant near by the leaked a bunch of hazardous chemicals a long time ago so that's a plausible theory!

    It is kind of interesting that it's more recent.hmm..