Friday, June 17, 2011

Creature Feature: The Ozark Howler

The Ozark Howler is a large, dark-colored animal that lives in the heavily-forested mountains of the Ozarks. Most of the descriptions compare it to some sort of large cat although some people say it looks more like a small bear. It is similar in size to a panther or cougar and nocturnal. Its most distinctive feature is the strange howling sound it makes.

Most of the eye-witness accounts are from hunters and locals who claim the Ozark Howler is different from other animals in the area. If it is real, it’s most likely a real biological creature. It could be an escaped big cat or something completely new. The stories about the Ozark Howler have been passed down for several generations and continue to be told.

Do you think the Ozark Howler could be living in the forests of the Ozarks?


  1. This one sounds plausible. I am not sure I would want to meet it in the dark, though.

  2. There was something interesting on Wikipedia about this. Now I know Wikipedia is hardly a credible source. But this information seems pretty plausible. This is what it says:

    Chad Arment asserts in his book "Cryptozoology" that the Ozark Howler myth is a hoax. According to Arment, he and many other cryptozoologists received email messages that made wild claims about Ozark Howler evidence. These messages were tracked down to a university student who had made a bet that he could fool the cryptozoological research community.

    Alyson...have you heard of Arment's book?

  3. Jennifer, I wouldn't want to run into it during the daytime either!

    I saw that posted on Wikipedia as well but haven't read the book by Chad Arment. One thing that several other sites brought up is that several sighting happened years before the email hoax thing. It's not that it's not a possiblilty but there's evidence that the whole e-mail thing is a hoax in itself. The Ozark Howler has also become a pretty well-loved creature by a lot of the people living in the area so I certainly wouldn't want to discount all the sightings in the last few years

  4. I know three honest people who have seen this thing and had NEVER heard of the Howler at the time. I hadn't either for that matter. They saw it near Knoxville and London, AR. Very frightening to hear their accounts and then make this connection. Chilling.

  5. It's really interesting to hear there are still sightings happening. I'd love to hear more about what they saw! :)