Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weekly News Round-up 6/8/11

This weeks lots of articles about real-life strange creatures popped up in the news.

A mysterious creature was discovered in China. It's described as a cross between a dog and a mouse. You can see the article and a photo here. (You should be warned that it is quite cute.)

A strange almost hairless, one-eyed creature was spotted in Mexico. Unfortunately, the people who saw it chopped its head off. They did take video and photos of the head but threw away the remains afterwards. You can see the images here. It could be a deformed hairless dog or something else. What do you think? (Warning-some of the images are a bit gross.)

Phantoms and Monsters posted and article about giant caterpillars appearing in Java. You can see the article and a photo here.


  1. I believe they're creatures still roaming around this mysterious planet of ours that are as yet still undiscovered. I though these legends from Scotland may be of interest to you

  2. ooh thanks for the link Ryan, there's lots of good info on that site!

  3. Anytime anything wierd is seen in Mexico..."chupacabra" starts being muttered. LOL

  4. I think it is easy for us to think we know everything about our planet. We don't and it shocks people when something bigger than a gnat is discovered living among us. I mean, we know everything, right? Right?

  5. I think just about every strange thing in the south west as been called a chupacabra at one point or another!

    I'm always amazing when people act suprising when something new is discovered!