Monday, February 20, 2012

5 Things Not to do During a Ghost Hunt

1. Fall asleep. If a ghost is going to do something interesting, it will probably wait until your eyes are closed.

2. Say something stupid. During a ghost hunt everything you say and do is being recorded. Everything you say is on camera, and that stuff never goes away.

3. Brag about how awesome a ghost hunter you are. If karma doesn’t get you, the ghosts will.

4. Cry. There’s no crying in ghost hunting.

5. Run away screaming when something frightens you. Your teammates will never let you live it down. And they will play the footage over and over. And over.


  1. Okay...the reason you know these is because you have experienced them. So I want to know the situation behind number 5. What was it that had you so scared that you screamed and ran away and now your team won't let you live it down. I'm so excited to read about it.

  2. Some of these are observations from watching other teams. I wish I had a good story to go with 5, but I don't. I did once scream when a bat flew at my head in the dark, but so did the other team member I was with, and luckily no one got it on camera so we are safe. ;)

  3. What was the oddest moment in a hunt that WAS paranormal and almost had you running?

  4. That would be the time I was alone on a floor in an old asylum and heard a woman scream. There' just something unsettling about being bu yourself when paranormal stuff is happening that is extra creepy.