Thursday, August 9, 2012


I've been talking about angels for a few days now. It's time to switch directions and talk about the other side of the coin-demons. If you flip on a tv set or computer, or even open some books, you would think demons are literally everywhere around us. They are dark and mysterious and people love talking about them. While it's quite possible that they may be hanging around, I have a much harder time believing that demonic activity is nearly as common as most people think. In all the years I've been investigating, I've only been to one place I think may have demonic activity (the activity at that location could also be caused by an angry human spirit.)

So why is everyone so caught up in the demon idea? (We've never gotten a call about an angel, for the record.) I think people frequently want us to tell them that they are being affected by demons. It's easier for some people to accept, often because of their religious or personal beliefs. And while I do believe demons exist, I think the chances of running into them are slim.

Do you think demons are over portrayed in the media?

Tommorow I will be answering questions about angels and demons, so if you have any thought or questions, please leave them in the comments.


  1. Yes. I think demons are over-portrayed in media.

  2. I also think the media throws around the idea of demons, like they're a household appliance everybody should know about. But the thing is, I can see why they do it. Everybody knows about demons. It's been programmed into us since we were born, and a lot of us are curious about them. I don't believe in demons, at least not the ones we were lead to believe in. But I was curious enough about them to do some serious research on demonolgy. Also, I think people are drawn to the dark aspect of it to try to understand why bad and freaky things happen. I think there are some people though, that uses the idea of demons for their own personal agendas, like some churches. They manipulate people into thinking demons will enter their life and/or possess them if they don't behave a certain way. It's all rubish.It's just fear tactics to control people. I have to admit though, it is fun writing a fictional story that has them, or the idea of them in it. :)

  3. Non-human is not necessarily demon. People jump to that thought really fast.

    People also want anything paranormal out of their lives, even if the spirit or whatever isn't actually HURTING them, but just doing something as simple as walking through a room. They say it is scaring them on purpose. Well, maybe you walking through the room scares them. Silly humans...

    1. Adding onto this...

      You're right: Demons are rare. Most people NEVER come across one in their lives and are really never aware of how lucky they are that the "darker side" stays away.

      I don't think I would want to come face-to-face with an angel. Everyone has this thought that they are beautiful beings who play music and watch over us. In Christianity, God uses these things to wage war on the blackest beings that haunt our dreams. No, no thanks.