Monday, August 27, 2012

Paranormal Fakes

One of the biggest issues people in the paranormal field face, is dealing with people who try to fake paranormal occurrences. On a recent investigation, the property owners told us about a team that came in and showed them an “EVP maker.” It was basically a device designed to change their voices so they could create EVP’s whenever they wanted. The property owners asked them to leave because they didn’t want to be involved with a group that was faking evidence. (No legit group needs to create EVP’s-they are surprisingly easy to capture in haunted locations.)

Once, my team brought along a guest investigator who attempted to fake something. It had been an unusually slow night and I think he was just desperate for something to happen. He moved something, then told us it moved on its own. We caught him in the lie (we have cameras everywhere) and made sure he never came back out with us.

It’s a difficult challenge for investigators who are trying hard to understand the paranormal when people have to always question whether something is legit. I think some people get caught up in the fun and excitement of sharing something and get carried away. Others don’t realize that their actions hurt the rest of the paranormal community.

Whenever I hear or see something that’s being described as paranormal, I immediately start questioning the source. I look for flaws, giveaways, and problems in the evidence. I watch everything with a critical eye and hope to not spot any mistakes because ultimately, I want to believe. But being responsible requires questioning and digging. It’s the scientific aspect of ghost hunting that I love.


What do you think about faked paranormal evidence?

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  1. It sounds like you are approaching this in the best way possible. Using science and proper techniques to eliminate error is the only way you will ever discover what it is that you are searching for.