Friday, August 10, 2012

Q & A : Angels and Demons

Since today is the last day of Angels and Demons week, I'm going to be answering some questions about angels and demons. The answers are my own personal opinions, which you are free to disagree with. :)

  1. Who are Satan, Beelzebub, Malboldge, Belial, Lucifer, and Leviathan? (The same thing or different entities?)

I believe that Satan, Beelzebub, and Lucifer different names for the same entity. Malboldge is a location in Hell (according to Dante’s Inferno.) Belial is a high ranking demon. I’m not completely sure about Leviathan. The literal version of the verses discussing Leviathan make him sound like a large sea creature of some sort but it’s possible the verses are a metaphor for something else.

  1. How many archangels are there? Are archangels more powerful than regular angels? What powers do they have?

A lot of people claim that there are three, or even seven, archangels but there’s a lot of debate over which individuals fall on the list, mostly because different faiths use slightly different versions of scripture. I actually came across a pretty compelling argument explaining that there’s only one archangel-Michael. Here’s a link to that discussion. I do believe that archangel(s) are more powerful than the others. I think the title of archangels gives that individual the ability to direct and control the actions of other angels. Archangel actually means cheif angel, so it may be more of a title than anything else.

  1. Are some demons more powerful than other demons?

Yes. I believe that there are different types of demons, just as there are different ranks of angels and some have more power than others.

  1. Are demons just fallen angels? Or are they something different?

I believe demons are fallen angels.

  1. What demons and angels are named specifically in the book of revelation?

I couldn’t find a definitive list anywhere. However, angels and demons are discussed a lot in Revelation. There are also hints throughout the book that as humans get closer to the end times, angelic and demonic activity is going to increase a great amount. If someone wants to research angels or demons, it’s probably the first place to start reading.

  1. Why is 666 the number of the beast? Is there something significant about that number?

I’ve heard a lot of different arguments about this. Some people think that 3 is a holy number and the six is a mocking of the trinity. Others think that at some point the number 666 will actually be used as a physical marking to note followers of the antichrist.

  1. What does a demon look like?

I think demons are able to take on any form they wish, but ultimately look like angels.

  1. Do other religions have demons? If so, how are they different from the Christian concept of demons?

Yes. A lot of religions have demons (or demon-like entities.) There are a wide variety of descriptions of traits depending on the region and belief system. They are often depicted as ugly or frightening and bring harm to humans. Many religions portray them as physical beings as opposed to spiritual ones.

  1. Explain what’s going on in Paranormal Activity. I don’t get how demons are different than ghosts in that movie.

You might have to ask the movie makers this one. I think they blended demon and ghost concepts in order to frighten the viewers. Sometimes there’s a fine line between the two.

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