Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Types of Angels

It is day 2 of Angels and Demons week! Today, I’m talking a little about different types of angels. While various religions have their own spiritual beings, few are as specific about their details as the Bible is about angels.

There are many types of angels listed in the Bible.

The most popular in today’s culture is the Archangel. I think this is because the Bible actually names some of the Archangels, which makes it easier to picture them as individuals.

There are also guardian angels, which are described as protectors of children. Many people believe that they may also protect those children into adulthood.

Slightly less common are the Cherubim (Cherubs.)  These guys aren’t the cute naked babies so common nowadays, but thought to be more like warriors. They are fierce and described as having four faces.

There are also the Seraphim. These angels are thought to be very close to God and are described as having six wings. The Seraphs are the lovers of God.

There are also a few other classification listed in the Bible, but I think these four are probably the most important, as we’re given quite a bit of description about them.

I’ve always wondered if demons have their own classification system, but I haven’t found any specific verses to say one way or the other. What do you think about the different type of angels? Do you think there are different types of demons?


  1. I have an archangel in my series. I didn't take a name from an existing one but made all new ones so that no one would be offended. But people are probably going to be offended anyway.

  2. People will be offended no matter what you do. It's better to just ignore them and do what you want.